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Nancie LaPier, Shamanic Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Medium
Nancie LaPier, Shamanic Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Medium

Nancie LaPier is “Op Se Op”, Tibetan for one who is approached by and taught by the Spirits.

Her formal training in esoteric science began in 1977 at The School of Alpha Logics, a little-known educational center focusing on bridging the spiritual and physical world. With a deep compassion and love of the natural world around her, Nancie began to see, and then communicate with both ancestor and nature spirits. (1991) From these sages, Nancie learned about divination, realization processes, shamanic healing and the principles of the spiritual realms. She went on to open her own practice in healing as well as animal and nature-spirit communication, and marries those talents in working with both adults and children who are medically compromised and have difficulty communicating through language.

Nancie has honed her skills through Chelation Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Quan Yin Magnified Healing, Kundalini Yoga and various breath, sound and movement therapies. She has studied meditation with The Ishaya Monks and has also spent time in study with several Native American elders and teachers as well as with teachers from the South American, Asian and European shamanic traditions, where her natural gift for ceremony and ritual has grown. She leads and teaches her personal clients in healing ceremonies and devotional rituals and spends much of her own time working her personal life in the same way.

A Reiki Master, Minister and practitioner at The Center Pole (an organization for the furtherance of ancient ways of healing), Nancie facilitates many workshops, including Shamanism, Reiki Certification and other healing forms, Yoga, Intuitive Development Classes, Animal Communication & Healing, Altars, Rituals & Sacred Space and Crafting of Medicine Tools (drums, rattles, prayer beads). She has contributed several spiritually-inspired writings regarding alternative approaches to contemporary authors and has personally published several writings on interspecies communication, shamanism and healing. Nancie’s work was cited in Brooke Medicine Eagles’ latest publication, The Last Ghost Dance and she was a contributing editor and featured in the new release, Animal Voices, by Dawn Brunke. She inspired and co-founded the first Circle of Northeast Animal Communicators.

Nancie is available for private in-person or telephone sessions, private instruction and apprenticeships, gatherings, lectures and workshops.

Please phone (860) 344-9299 or e-mail