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Nancie LaPier, Shamanic Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Medium


“Your session with regard to the circumstances of my cousin’s passing was amazing! I and the family were comforted by the things he shared through you."   

Carla Mason-Ness       

“You were right! My dog Brandy was found in the Elmwood area. Thanks very much!

Marybeth Morin       

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING!  You really were the light for
me at the end of a very dark tunnel.  I do not know what I would have done if I had
not sought out spiritual advice from you.  I do know that I was seriously considering
some very devastating options.  I cannot thank you enough for being so kind and
patient with me in the most difficult time of my life.  Your prayers and continued prayers
are greatly appreciated

Sean Ball      

"I’ve experienced Nancie’s professional work for over a decade, both personally and through the friends and family members I’ve referred to her over the years. Nancie’s skills are always awe-inspiring, whether it’s animal communication, intuitive readings, shamanic work, or spiritual counseling. Her aptitude for creating sacred space and for honest, ethical guidance never varies. As someone who has worked extensively in the healing arts, I’ve found that practitioners of Nancie’s caliber are few and far between."

Karen B. Hunter     
Cape Cod, Massachusetts     

"Prior to beginning my studies with Nancie, she conducted a reading for me so I could experience her talents firsthand.  All I can say is, “she is the real deal”.  The reading was deep and extremely accurate regarding past events in my life.  I have gained so much insight while studying with Nancie.  Her knowledge is broad and she is able to adapt her teachings to what the student needs to learn at that point in their journey.  A whole new world has opened for me and I look forward to my continued explorations with Nancie’s guidance.

Peg Busse     

"Nancie is smart, calming, enlightening and professional. During a session, you feel as though you are chatting with one of your closest friends, making your experience a very comfortable and exciting one !"

Lisa Coco      
South Carolina     

"I am pleased to write and acknowledge Nancie Lapier as a warm-caring person that truly is a professional in her field.

I was introduced to Nancie through a recommendation of a trusted friend at a most turbulent time in my life.  Effectively through Nancie’s spiritual capabilities, I have found comfort in her profound communication skills and attest to her exactness.  To further the healing process we continue with spiritual communication and Reiki.

I have the utmost respect for Nancie, and feel blessed that she has become a special person in my life."

Kay Jeffie     

"Healing of the self is an ongoing work in progress.  I have been fortunate to have worked with several international healers from various traditions on my journey.  However, my first few sessions with Nancie re-aligned me with my soul and life purpose. I was looking for this next step to open my wings and fly and within a short time, I experienced the spiritual connection and transformative energy I was longing for.  Nancie is a true and powerful healer! She has a strong sense of humor and wit which she employed in helping me reach my ability to understand and feel my deep connectedness with every creature on our living Earth.  ost important, I have accomplished my goal of learning how to interact meaningfully with my precious animal family."

Catherine F. Meyer Ph.D.     
Diversity Consultant     

Nancie LaPier is available for private in-person or telephone sessions, private instruction and apprenticeships, gatherings, lectures and workshops. Please phone (860) 344-9299 or e-mail