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Nancie LaPier, Shamanic Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Medium
 Private Yoga Sessions
35 Park Place, Middletown, CT

A good yoga program helps to increase your resistance to everyday stresses, improves the immune system and develops self-confidence, poise and a more graceful, refined body. Yoga increases strength, flexibility, range of motion and vitality. The less tangible benefits are many and far-reaching, enriching every area of our lives.

This is a comprehensive yoga class designed to suit the needs of beginner to moderate-level practitioners, and is intended to give you a total yoga experience by implementing those techniques and practices which exercise and tone the body, mind and spirit.

Sessions begin with relaxation poses (asanas) that gently help to release tension, followed by a centering meditation to bring our awareness inward. Warm-ups and simple yoga asanas open the joints, increase circulation and prepare the muscles, tendons and structures of the body for the more vigorous portion of our yoga routine. The pinnacle of the discipline focuses on the execution of those postures that develop and improve strength, vitality and overall flexibility. Throughout the practice, focused, intentional breathing (Pranayama), Mantras (vibrational sound) and Mudras (sacred hand positions) help to calm the emotions, focus the mind, tone the organs, and purify the system. We complete the active portion of the session with balancing poses to increase concentration. A deep period of relaxation and meditation follows, providing an experiential opportunity for the self to unite with the Divine, where body and spirit can rejuvenate and heal.

Yoga for Corporate Groups
with Nancie LaPier

A Science for Living Well

Yoga is an ancient, non-religious, non-sectarian science for whole living that was established as a practical methodology in approximately 200 B.C. Though its roots are within Hindu scripture, it is entirely universal in its appeal. The practice of Yoga presumes that most of our fundamental attitudes toward life are mirrored in the physiology and biology of the body; therefore, using all of the attributes of the physical body, we can address our perceptions and emotions and effect deep, positive and lasting changes. Yoga practicum stimulates an ever-increasing state of physical health and vitality; its philosophy provides explorative opportunities that create psychological and emotional balance and facilitates self-awareness, self-responsibility and self sufficiency.

Yoga saves on health-care costs, decreases absenteeism and increases productivity because it:

        • increases health and vitality
        • boosts resistance to disease
        • fortifies and regenerates the immune system
        • noticeably reduces stress and its related disorders
        • reduces the effects of emotionally-based disorders, such as depression
        • increases energy, strength and endurance; and
        • improves focus, awareness and mental clarity

Yoga provides an environment conducive to improved sales and enhanced customer and employee relations because its practitioners:

        • are dynamic, self-confident and creative forces
        • naturally seek creative solutions to problems
        • are emotionally poised, effective and mentally clear in stressful situations
        • are resolution- rather than conflict-oriented; and
        • are positive in their approach, upbeat and cooperative

Nancie LaPier is available for private in-person or telephone sessions, private instruction and apprenticeships, gatherings, lectures and workshops. Please phone (860) 344-9299 or e-mail